The Chief’s Latino Advisory Committee

In the Greeley community, it is necessary for the police and the people they serve to work hand in hand to establish equal goals in our society. Peace and protection of life and property can be achieved by the joint efforts of both elements.


With the cooperation of local community representatives from diverse Latino groups, at the request of the Chief of Police, the first meeting was held in February of 1993.


The Latino Advisory Committee serves as counsel to the Greeley Police Department in the areas of community relations and educational programs between the Latino community and the Police Department.The Committee provides advice in regards to the coordination of the activities and programs of police/community functions, and serves as an advisory body to evaluate and review proposals. It also makes recommendations, as necessary, on issues referred to them by other organizations and Latino community members. The Latino Advisory Committee invites members of the community to contact them with suggestions or concerns that affect the Latino community and the Greeley Police Department

Mission Statement

The Latino Advisory Committee was formed for the purpose of improving communication, developing mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between the Greeley Police Department and the Greeley Latino Community.

Contact Us

Contact Teri Gutierrez directly at 970-350-9660 or [email protected].

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