December 9, 2022

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GPD Deputy Chief Graduates From FBI National Academy

GREELEY, Colo. – On Thursday, December 8, 2022, Greeley Police Department Deputy Chief Rafael Gutierrez graduated from the 284th FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Deputy Chief Gutierrez has been in Quantico for the past 11-weeks where he joined 236 other law enforcement professionals from agencies in the US and abroad. The graduates of this exclusive and intensive law enforcement leadership development program make up less than 1% of law enforcement officers worldwide and have an average service time of 21-years. Session 284 consists of law enforcement professionals from 25 countries, five military organizations, and five federal civilian organizations.

Every student must be nominated and admitted by the FBI National Academy staff prior to admittance into the program. Together, the students learn about the most modern techniques in crime detection, prevention, and organization. This includes sections on leadership techniques, legal issues, behavioral science, cyber threats, media training, and more. In addition, students are required to meet rigorous physical fitness standards.

The session concludes with the soon-to-be graduates completing the “Yellow Brick Road.” This 6.1 mile endurance run, complete with an obstacle course designed and maintained by the US Marine Corps, is extremely difficult. The determination and teamwork cultivated in the previous 10-weeks are essential to complete the course’s wooded trail runs, water crossings, hill climbs, and cargo net crossings.

“At its core, the [FBI] National Academy is an unmatched educational program. Built to develop leaders and sharpen critical thinking,” said a representative from the National Academy. Chief Turk, a fellow graduate of the program, attended Deputy Chief Gutierrez’s graduation in Virginia.

When asked about the graduation Chief Turk said, “Deputy Chief Gutierrez’ graduation from the [FBI] National Academy is an amazing feat and one that should be acknowledged and celebrated. I’m incredibly proud of the Deputy Chief and look forward to the great information and policing techniques he will bring back to Greeley.”

Deputy Chief Gutierrez currently oversees the Support Services Division which includes the agency’s Criminal Investigations Unit, Records and Evidence Units, Professional Standards, Public Information Office, and the Training/Personnel Unit. He has been a member of the Greeley Police Department since 1999 and served as an officer, sergeant, and commander in multiple units and assignments prior to his current assignment. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration from CSU-Global and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Congratulations, Deputy Chief Gutierrez!