June 6, 2023

Kent Keller, PIO
Greeley Police Department
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Greeley Police Leverage Modern Technology to Keep the Community Safe

The Greeley Police Department embraces the use of modern-day technology citywide as part of its commitment to providing a safe and secure community for everyone.

Throughout the city, proactive strategies that include community policing partnerships are enhanced with the addition of available technology used by law enforcement nationwide. This includes deploying at locations around the city:

License plate readers to alert officers in real-time of stolen vehicles. This tool is valuable in identifying and locating occupied stolen vehicles; sometimes
clearing other criminal investigations in the process. These readers move around the city constantly based on where they would be most useful in areas experiencing motor vehicle thefts.

City-owned and operated traffic cameras that improve traffic safety, reduce accidents, and identify traffic issues before they become larger issues. City
employees monitor the traffic cameras during peak driving hours. They can manually change traffic signals if needed to improve traffic flow.

Aerial drones used in crime scenes, critical incidents, and search and rescue operations. They allow officers to quickly assess a situation, gather
intelligence, and make informed decisions from a safe place. Drone operators comply with current FAA rules and regulations and undertake a rigorous training and flight process.

The Greeley Police Department takes great care to ensure that the use of technology follows all applicable laws and regulations. The department is committed to balancing the need to protect the community while also protecting the privacy and civil rights of citizens in the process. The department will continue to operate with transparency and accountability. Police officers wear body-worn cameras that are activated when situations warrant their use.

Although facial recognition technology is commonly used in other cities, the Greeley Police Department does not currently use this technology. The department also does not have access, nor does it request, unlimited access to private surveillance systems. Individuals and businesses who voluntarily disclose their systems is used as part of the Neighborhood Watch Camera Program. This opt-in program allows officers to know which cameras may have captured footage if a crime occurred in the area.

“The Greeley Police Department remains committed to keeping this community safe and secure. Our use of advanced technology, coupled with our ongoing training and commitment to protecting privacy and civil rights, has made us a model for law enforcement agencies across the area,” said Chief of Police Adam Turk.

More Information
If you would like more information on the Neighborhood Watch Camera Program, or any other crime prevention and deterrence from the Greeley Police Department, please visit www.GreeleyPD.com and click on the “Resources” tab.