March 23, 2022

Ofc. Kent Keller, PIO
Greeley Police Department
(970) 351-5387, Desk
[email protected]

Greeley Police retain prestigious Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Accreditation

The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Professional Standards Accreditation Program was adopted in 1984 as a means to certify Colorado police agencies as using best practices in operating law enforcement agencies. The Accreditation Program consolidated and refined policing standards that serve to guide the agency and demonstrate to the public that a law enforcement agency is operating in a professional, efficient and transparent manner. Police agencies must apply to the program and demonstrate compliance with these best practices and policies. A panel of statewide police leaders review the agency’s application materials and determine if the department is worthy of being accredited. Accreditation is awarded for a period of five years before the agency must renew their status.

The Greeley Police Department has maintained its accreditation status. There are 26 categories, each with numerous subcategories in which the department must fully demonstrate compliance through policy and documentation. The Greeley Police Department submitted all necessary documentation and received a reply from the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation Assessor, Chief John Schick, after the initial review:

“The Greeley Police Department demonstrated efficient and effective compliance with all standards. The documentation was found to be complete and organized. The Greeley Police Department was outstanding with its timeliness and cooperation with the CACP accreditation process.”

On February 16th, 2022, the process culminated with a site visit at the Greeley Police Department conducted by Chief Schick. Chief Schick met with Interim Chief Turk and noted that our department is strongly focused on providing consistent and high-quality police service. Chief Schick stated:

“Chief Turk and his staff deserve praise for their outstanding organization. The Greeley Police Department is an organization that prides itself on the service it provides to their community. The assessment revealed exceptional policies and procedures which are put into practice in everyday operation.”

A portion of the assessment that the Greeley Police Department is quite proud of, outlined in the “Areas of Strength” portion, relates to our relationship with our community members. The report stated:

“The strengths of the Greeley Police Department were obvious to the assessors. The Greeley Police Department enjoys an excellent relationship with the community. They value partnerships with other governmental entities, non-profit organizations, the business community, and various neighborhood groups. They take pride in being transparent with the community and regularly share information with citizens through social media, a detailed annual report, community dialogue, citizen and youth police academies, and other public events.”

Based on the successful results of the accreditation process, on March 11th, 2022, the Greeley Police Department received notice of the renewal of our accreditation status and continues to maintain its place among the leading police departments in the state of Colorado.

“It is a credit to our agency, and the community, that the Greeley Police Department functions under policies which are inspected and reviewed by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. We are proud to again receive the designation of being a CACP accredited police agency,” said Interim Chief Adam Turk.