Greeley Police Co-Responders and Squad 1

Greeley Police Co-Responders

The Co-Responder model of criminal justice diversion consists of teams comprised of a law enforcement officer and a behavioral health specialist to intervene on mental health-related police calls to de-escalate situations that have historically resulted in an arrest and to assess whether the person should be referred for an immediate behavioral health assessment. The Co-Responder model pairs law enforcement and behavioral health specialists to respond to behavioral health-related calls for police service. These teams utilize the combined expertise of the officer and the behavioral health specialist to de-escalate situations and help link people with behavioral health issues to appropriate services.

GPD’s Co-Responders assist officers on scene with a range of situations, including homicidal or suicidal ideation, psychosis, family dynamic issues, mental health crisis, substance abuse, homelessness, and other non-criminal situations. Depending on the situation officers either remain on scene with the clinician or leave to respond to other calls while the clinician stays with the person to provide more in-depth assistance. Co-Responders also complete follow up with individuals they have contact with and upon officer request.


Meet the Co-Responders

Amanda Roland, MS, LPC (Co-Responder Clinician)

Amanda began working as a Co-Responder with GPD in June of 2019. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from North Dakota State University and a Master of Science in Counseling from The University of Mary. She has worked in the mental health field since 2007 and has a background in crisis stabilization, inpatient treatment, animal-assisted therapies, outpatient treatment, adult and child trauma, in-home family therapy, and adolescent residential treatment. She has specialized training in crisis counseling, trauma, and equine therapy. Amanda hails from the Midwest and loves animals and the outdoors.  She is passionate about working alongside law enforcement officers to provide mental health services to those in crisis.

Cora Jessup, MSW (Co-Responder Clinician)

Cora joined the GPD with North Range family in January of 2020. Originally from Longmont, CO, she has spent the past 10 years in various parts of the world providing community development and behavioral healthcare services in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, London (UK), and more. Cora received her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Azusa Pacific University and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington. Her experience encompasses community mental health, adult outpatient and inpatient mental health care, domestic violence, trauma-care within refugee communities, and hospice. Cora is excited to be closer to home and support the growing Co-Responder program with Greeley and Evans Police Department!

Jayme Clapp, MS, LPC (Co-Responder Clinician)

Jayme has worked as a Co-Responder with Greeley Fire Squad 1 in collaboration with Greeley Police Department since February 2018 and has worked at North Range Behavioral Health since 2011.  She has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2018 and has been a Mental Health therapist in the crisis field since 2015.  Jayme has over two decades of experience educating and advocating for people in the mental health/substance abuse field including the Alaska Native homeless youth populations and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).  Jayme has a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Music Education from the University of Missouri—Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.  She has lived in Greeley for over a decade and enjoys working and living in the community she loves and cares most about.

Thomas Greeley, MSW (Co-Responder Clinician)

Tom has worked as a Co-Responder with the Evans and Greeley Police Departments since August of 2017 and has worked at North Range Behavioral Health since 2016. He has been a mental health therapist since 1999 and worked in the mental health field since 1991. Tom has served in a variety of roles during his career as a therapist to include: In-home therapist, In-home Services Supervisor, Supervisor of Day Treatment Program, Crisis Support Coordinator/On-call Supervisor/On-call Crisis Therapist, and Co-Responder. Tom has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and History from Williams College and a Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University.

Theresa Singer, MA, LPC (Co-Responder Clinician)

Terri is a Colorado native and after living in Albuquerque, NM for the past twelve years returned to Colorado in the Summer of 2019. At this time she began working with North Range Behavioral Health as the Coordinator for the Co Responder program for the area police departments. In addition to her role as coordinator of the program she also actively works as a co-responder for the Evans Police Department.

Terri has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, with a preclinical emphasis. Her Master’s Degree is in Agency counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.  She holds a license in both Colorado and New Mexico. Terri has been in the mental health field for almost 30 years and has worked in a variety of settings. Her experience includes having been on the faculty of NCFM, a residency training program for family practice residents, an inpatient social worker on a psychiatric unit, and as a clinician on the Crisis Intervention Unit (CIT) for the Albuquerque Police department.  It was her work with the CIT unit that gave her a new passion for working with law enforcement and people with severe mental illness. Terri’s work with the CIT detective unit was a great learning experience and enhanced her ability to complete risk assessments in the field.

Terri’s hope is that the Co-Responder program will continue to grow, reaching more communities and becoming a strong support for law enforcement.

Squad 1

The Community action collaborative (CAC) works  together in  attempt to reduce the number of emergency room  admissions, jail admissions, reduce overall response costs, reduce costs for health care, increase connections with necessary resources, reduce duplication of services, decrease identified burdens to a multiple number of agencies and resources created by untreated/under treated individuals. The CAC incorporates the philosophy of looking at preventative and diversion interventions, looking at how to do something different, reducing silos of interventions in a collaborative and inclusive environment.This collaboration is a combination of North Range Behavioral Health, Northern Colorado Health Alliance and Greeley Fire’s community paramedic.