Squad 1 and Greeley Co-Responders

Squad 1

The Community action collaborative (CAC) works  together in  attempt to reduce the number of emergency room  admissions, jail admissions, reduce overall response costs, reduce costs for health care, increase connections with necessary resources, reduce duplication of services, decrease identified burdens to a multiple number of agencies and resources created by untreated/under treated individuals. The CAC incorporates the philosophy of looking at preventative and diversion interventions, looking at how to do something different, reducing silos of interventions in a collaborative and inclusive environment.This collaboration is a combination of North Range Behavioral Health, Northern Colorado Health Alliance and Greeley Fire’s community paramedic.

Greeley Police Co-Responders

The Greeley Police Department, Evans Police Department, and North Range Behavioral Health have formed a co-responder program that will provide access to a certified clinician. When officers make contact with a person and mental illness appears to be a factor, the clinician may be contacted to provide mental health knowledge and additional assistance in effectively treating the individual.