School resource Officer Czapenski studied the details surrounding school shootings, and realized that some victims were dying as result of blood loss. As a veteran school officer, he was aware that the schools in the district did not have easy access to trauma kits. These kits contained life-saving tourniquets and supplies that could save a life in a critical incident or accident. These kits are expensive, and to supply district 6 would require over one thousand kits. The goal being to place one in each and every classroom.

Recognizing this very important need, Officer Czapenski took on this extremely large project. To put together the kits, Officer Czapenski effectively utilized resources, and worked collaboratively with community partners to attain all needed supplies. This multi-year process was time consuming and laborious, but the hard work and determination paid off. Officer Czapenski was able to put together over one-thousand kits at a cost savings of over $23,000 dollars.

As of august 2019, trauma kits have been placed in 635 classrooms, effectively covering all the high schools and middle schools here in Greeley.

Officer Czapenski, successfully made 1,200 trauma kits for all the Greeley schools. On top of creating the kits and providing them to the schools free of cost Officer Czapenski also provided the staff free training on how to administer the kits in a time of need or critical incident.