January 30, 2023

Kent Keller, PIO
Greeley Police Department
(970) 351-5387, Desk
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Wanted Felony Suspect Disarms Greeley Police Officer During Arrest Attempt

GREELEY, Colo. – The Greeley Police Department has been tagged on several social media websites in a video involving our officers. This video was legally captured by a citizen as our officers were attempting to complete a lawful arrest of a wanted suspect.

On January 23, a Greeley Police Officer investigated a suspicious activity report in the 2400 block of 17th Avenue. The officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was possibly related in the 1100 block of 17th Street. The officer contacted the driver, identified as George Trevino, 50, and learned the Evans Police Department had probable cause for his arrest for felony eluding in a vehicle and obstructing officers. Trevino was told he was under arrest during the contact and to place his hands behind his back.

Trevino failed to comply with verbal commands from officers and began physically resisting. The officers called for emergency back-up to assist in taking Trevino into custody. Trevino continued to struggle with the officers and disobey their orders to comply. Trevino was also told force would be used against him if he did not stop resisting. Officers attempted to use a Taser device on Trevino to overcome his resistance and to gain compliance with their commands.

The officers placed Trevino on to the ground to gain control and he took hold of an officer’s Taser, disarming the officer. Trevino is seen on video pulling the Taser close to his body while the officer struggles with him to recover it. The officer delivers strikes to the head and upper back of Trevino while yelling commands for Trevino to drop the less-than-lethal weapon.

Simultaneously, another officer was delivering knee strikes to Trevino to get him to drop the Taser. Trevino did not surrender the weapon until multiple other officers arrived on scene to assist with the arrest. As additional officers arrived on scene and approached the scuffle on the ground, Trevino can be seen in the video throwing the Taser to the side. The Taser was then safely recovered by another officer.

Trevino was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital to be evaluated by medical staff prior to being transported to the Weld County Jail. Trevino was arrested on charges of Disarming a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest, in addition to the original charges from the Evans Police Department. A Greeley Police Officer was also injured during the struggle.

When a Greeley Police Officer uses force during their duties, a supervisor completes a review of the incident to determine if the officer’s actions were reasonable and appropriate after evaluating all of the information available. This incident is no different and a formal review is already in progress.

No additional information will be released today. Anyone with information about this case is asked to please contact the Greeley Police Department front desk at 970-350-9605.