June 29, 2023

Kent Keller
Public Information Officer
Greeley Police Department
[email protected]

284 Sex Offender Addresses Verified in Greeley

GREELEY, Colo. – As part of compliance with Colorado law and our on-going commitment to protect our community, we will often do large-scale operations to verify the home addresses for registered sex offenders. Between March and May of 2023, the Greeley Police Department, with assistance provided by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, conducted several address verification operations in the City of Greeley.

The Greeley Police Department conducted approximately 17 eight-hour shifts of two officers. These two-officer teams conducted a total of 360 address checks. The teams were able to collectively verify 284 addresses, with 77 addresses remaining to be verified. An unverified sex offender and their address could be for many reasons to include the offender being at work, not being home at the time of the check, absconding from justice, or death.

Greeley Police officers will conduct additional checks on the remaining unverified addresses and conduct additional investigations, as needed. There were some notable events that occurred during the operations period. These events were not all directly related to actual checks, but also incidents the officers came across during the operation. These events include:
– One sex offender arrest after it was found he moved and did not register.
– One sex offender arrest after he was found living at an address not registered.
– One sex offender found to have moved from Greeley and registered elsewhere.
– Two warrants were requested for offenders that did not register and are now transient.
– Multiple outstanding arrest warrants for both sex offense crimes and non-sex offense crimes
– One sex offender was arrested in Mississippi.